fractured elbow treatments in Singapore

Recognizing an Elbow Fracture

Do you feel pain in your forearm, elbow or both? Is there swelling on the sides of your elbow and you feel stiffness as well. If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have landed at the right spot. The article will help you in recognizing and understanding the elbow fracture and the recommended solutions. The good news is that it is very easy to diagnosis the fracture of the elbow with the underlying symptoms. However, the most typical symptoms include:

  • Intense pain in the forearm, elbow or both
  • Loss of lack of feeling in the hands
  • obvious swelling on the elbow
  • Difficult to straighten the arm due to loss of functionality of the elbow

The issue if normal can be dealt with at home. But if the injury shows above mentioned signs, then you need to consult medical specialists to avoid causing any permanent damage to the elbow.

Knowing the Elbow Fractures:

Keep in mind that elbow fractures are different and not all fractures are the same. The probable fracture depends upon the background causes. You might have a fracture in the back, front or the top part of the elbow. Sometimes there could be breakage which is intense, spiral, or slight. All these causes are enough to determine what cause of elbow fracture you are suffering from. Some common types in Singapore are:

Supracondylar Fracture:

This fracture is caused in the humerus, the part slightly above the elbow. This is the most common form of elbow fracture, one witness, when compared with the other types of fracture. This is also prevalent among kids, who are young and mainly under eight years of age. Even it is common among young kids as well. But you need to avoid causing any such injury to your elbow. Sometimes owing to breakage, the normal blood circulation of the elbow also affects.

Epicondylar Fracture:

The breakage is on the inner part of the elbow. Epicondylar is the knob of the elbow bones, which protrudes out from the joint area. In case of fracture to the inner core of the knob, the epicondylar fracture occurs. Mainly children between the age of 9 to 14 years are a common victim of the fracture.

Condylar Fracture:

Condyles are the knobs located on the bottom part of the humerus. The breaking of the bone at that very location is called a condylar fracture. There is a larger number of knobs present towards the lateral, but the fracture is common in the outer knob. Since physis is present on the growth plate, this treatment becomes a bit complicated sometimes.

Forearm Fracture:

The fracture causes the radius bone head to shift from its actual position. This fracture is not quite common and a bit painful when compared to the other fracture.

Dislocation of the Fracture:

In case of fracture in Ulna dislocate the radius from the head, leads to dislocation of the fracture. The overall working and functionality of the elbow joint are greatly disturbed due to this fracture.

In case you doubt a fracture in your elbow, your doctor needs to figure out the probable causes and symptoms behind the issue before going for a preferred surgical or non-surgical fractured elbow treatment.

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