ACL Reconstruction Surgery in Singapore

Pros and Cons of ACL Reconstruction Surgery to Consider

Most people are not sure when to get ACL reconstruction surgery done. As per the instructions given by the medical doctor, the most recommended time is to get it within few weeks after the ACL injury. If you delay the treatment process for long, say for 6 months, then it can lead to serious consequences and further injury.

Some steps take place during the ACL Reconstruction Surgery and these are:

You will be given anaesthesia and eventually, you will go to sleep and will not be able to feel anything during the surgery.

There will be two keyholes made on the front side of the knee. Then for the replacement of the ACL, yet another smaller hole will be made for harvest purposes. The procedure involves minimum invasion.

Then with the help of the telescope, the internal part of the knee is examined. The smaller tunnel is also built in the shin bone as well as thigh bone to check the placement where ACL fix in.

The overall fixing and the placement of the tunnels are very essential for getting the desired results.

With the help of plastic screw and metal buttons, the grating is done with the help of the tunnel.

After the procedure is done with full success, it is possible for the patient to walk on the same day of the surgery.

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Benefits of getting ACL Reconstruction done:

  1. Knee gets very much stable after the surgical procedure
  2. If you are a sportsman, you need not worry because there is a fair chance that you can return to your sports activities after recovery from a successful surgical procedure
  3. There is a remote chance that you will develop arthritis and even if you do, they will be a very later stage of your life
  4. If you also have the damaged structure of menisci, you have a chance to cure that as well

Disadvantages of getting the ACL Reconstruction surgery:

  1. Sometimes the period of rehabilitation is pretty long and covers several weeks
  2. The overall cost of surgery is pretty high, not everyone can afford to get ACL reconstruction done. Also, the risk involved in the procedure are high because it could also lead to permanent deformity in case otherwise

It is pertinent to mention that after surgery, you don’t become 100 per cent fit or end up becoming Cristiano Ronaldo, but yes it enables you to enjoy your favourite sports once again. You can go to sports ground, play football or soccer or golf at any time over and over again.

Many athletes received the surgical procedure and about 90 percent were able to fully recover after following complete protocols of ACL reconstruction. You can go through some of the testimonials as well.

There are some risks involved in ACL reconstruction surgery. There are also some benefits associated with the procedure. However, it depends on how you plan to move forward and which doctor you choose in Singapore.

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