How to Choose Wall Cladding Depending On the Room?

Wall cladding is a type of decorative material or covering that is placed on the walls externally to enhance or increase their aesthetic value. Depending on what material you use for the wall cladding the wall has to look like it is made out of that material. Popular wall cladding materials include wood panels, fiberboard, PVC panels, vinyl panels and other materials. Also, the type of wall cladding used depends on the room that you’re redecorating.


Let’s take a look at some popular wall cladding options for the different rooms of your home and what type of wall cladding will suit which room –


  1. Chipboard panels – these types of wall cladding are made from chips of wood that are bonded together to give that unfinished and rustic look. The wooden chips are stuck together using adhesive, heat and pressure till they form into a large wooden stiff board. This type of wall cladding is great for hotel lobbies, living rooms, dens and dining rooms. It can add a lot of class and style to a room and with the right lighting can completely transform a dull and lifeless room. There are normal, medium and high-density chipboard panels that you can choose from.


  1. Natural wood panels – wall cladding or wall panels made out of natural wood add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a room and offer good acoustic and thermal insulation to the room. Which is why natural wood cladding is perfect for the bedrooms or the study rooms to make the room warm, comfortable and cozy. Wooden panels won’t collect dirt easily and won’t discolor. They are easy to maintain, replace and repair and won’t get damaged easily. Sanding down the wooden panels can help renew its appearance and they can be replaced too if necessary without damaging the wall too much.


  1. Fiberboard panels – these panels are mixtures of small wooden fibers bound together along with resin using extreme pressure and heat. These type of wall claddings are very cheap and can be made to look like wood with the help of staining. Again perfect for the living and dining room and even the bedrooms. You get them in a wide variety of colors, unlike wooden panels that only come in browns. You pay less than half the price for fiberboard panels than you would pay for wooden panels while getting that natural wooden look that you want.


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