Environment Friendly Construction

With the condition of our environment depreciating and at alarming rates, it is important for everybody to do anything within reach to help protect our environment.

Product specification is important to provide information on the degree a particular product contributes towards environmental damage to keep things under control. Even the resources and other energy forms used for construction purposes are recorded.

What is Environmental Product Declaration?

Meeting ISO standards is important to build a legal structure. Environmental product declaration is one such standardized source to communicate information regarding the environmental performance of a particular product used.

All products used in construction from facade companies to the swimming pools, all data is recorded. This shows relevant data from its effect on the ozone layer to its contribution to smog levels and greenhouse gases.

Resources consumed and manufacturing processes carried out for construction are all documented. This lists raw materials as well as emissions to give an overall building assessment.

What is Life cycle Assessment of a product?

This assessment procedure is an important tool in maintaining the safety of the environment. It basically assesses the environmental impact of the entire life span of a product from raw material to its usage and disposal.

What are green buildings?

The idea is to build structures using renewable resources and efficient use of energy requirements thus saving our environment and natural resources.

The building plan includes implementation of solar panels to harness solar energy and water recycling along with rainwater harvesting.

They are being constructed with ecofriendly products like ACC blocks and triple glazed glass. Not only do they make the structure stronger but absorb heat. Terrace gardens are also becoming popular.

Ecofriendly construction materials

A lot of research and continuous improvements gives you access to some of the best materials that are environmental friendly.

Using recycled wood and bamboo for construction and laying concrete with gaps to propagate growth of greens are some ideas being incorporated.

Why should you opt for Green construction?

This is the process of creating a sustainable structure keeping the environment in mind. It is becoming and increasingly wise and necessary choice in the current world scenario of rising pollution levels. Opting for ecofriendly products helps in reducing environmental impacts without giving up on aesthetics.

Futuristic designs are becoming popular because they incorporate modern designs without causing any environmental damage and try to help it in some way instead.

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