Benefits of Choosing BOTOX Injections


If you choose to have Botox in Singapore injections, you will find that there are a variety of benefits that are associated with it apart from the most common anti-aging benefits.

A published research on botox by the Journal of Dermatological Surgery  has found that botox does help to reduce wrinkles on the forehead and skin and that the different variants of botox has different effectiveness and some require a higher frequency of injections.  More information can be found on their article here

Below are some of the benefits of botox:

Anti-aging: as mentioned before this is the most well-known benefits that come with the use of BOTOX injections. BOTOX injection weakens or paralyzes some muscles in the face or sometimes blocks certain nerves.

Migraine reduction: these BOTOX injections are also used to relieve the pain that is caused by a migraine headache. The BOTOX is injected into areas such as the forehead, shoulder or neck and this helps to reduce the amount of tension that is felt in these muscles and thus relaxes the nervous system and the pain becomes less.

Reduces sweat: it was found that BOTOX injections helped people who had excessive sweating problems. BOTOX inhibits a chemical known as acetylcholine which is a stimulant to the sweat glands. By inhibiting this chemical BOTOX helps to stop the production of sweat in the body of that individual.

Reduces muscle aches: some studies show that BOTOX injections can help effectively reduce pain that is caused due to arthritis. It can also help those people who suffer from muscle spasms as BOTOX will be able to paralyze those muscles for certain periods of time thus providing relief from the painful spasms.

Improves bladder control: injecting BOTOX into the bladder can help improve the capacity of the bladder and this treatment is used in patients who have an overactive bladder. The effects of this drug can last for many months based on the amount of BOTOX that is used.

Helps to relieve painful sex: many women experience extreme pain while having sex. This can be due to various reasons such as abnormalities in the connective tissue and also in the pelvic floor muscles. If BOTOX is injected in the perennial regions and in the pelvic floor these muscles get relaxed and thus the pain is reduced.

Eye treatments: the use of BOTOX injections is an FDA approved treatment for many eye disorders such as blepharospasm i.e. twitching in the eyelids and strabismus that is also known as lazy eye. When injected in small doses the eye muscles are temporarily paralyzed thus giving relief to the individual.

Recovery After Strokes: one study that was carried out on a woman who had paralyzed her left hand showed that BOTOX treatment helped her regains some motor functions and also some functional use of her left hand.

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