ACL tear reconstruction surgery information

All About ACL Reconstruction Surgery

In the domain of knee injuries, the most common of all is ACL tears and ACL Reconstruction Surgery. The article highlights the treatment options and the basic knowledge of ACL tears in Singapore.

What is ACL Injury?

ACL stands for “Anterior Cruciate Ligament”, which is a rope-like structure present in the body. It is mainly an essential ligament within the knee, which is present in the middle area of the knee and extends to the thigh bone, making a connection with the shin bone. It prevents the excessive rotation and sliding of the shin bone to control the movements.

In case the ACL is torn apart, it means any forward or repeat movement of the knee is disturbed. The issue includes movement like pivoting or sidestepping especially for a sportsman of rugby, martial arts and basketball.

How to figure out the torn ACL?

While any sports activity, the torn knee can be figured out when you tend to turn the knee. It leads to a pop feel with swelling in the knee and surrounding area. It happens when the ligament bleeds when torn. Another symptom involves an inability to work or play when in pain. Sometimes the swelling in the knee unstable the movement and you are not able to continue with your favourite game.  Orthopaedic examines the knee and the normal functions of ACL. At times MRI is also performed to diagnose the actual issue behind this pain.

Sportsmen that suffered from ACL Tears:

There is some famous sportsman who has had this issue of an ACL tear and had to take a break from their sports activities. Some known names are:

  • The Dutch footballer, Ruud Van Nistelrooy
  • The English footballer, Alan Shearer
  • The American professional golfer, Tiger Woods
  • The American professional basketball player, Derrick Rose
  • The Swedish professional footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • The English former professional football player as well as manager, Paul Gascoigne
  • The American football quarterback, Tom Brady
  • The American professional basketball player, Jamal Crawford

Can an ACL Tear heal on its own?

Unlike other injuries which sometimes heal on their own, the ACL torn doesn’t heal as such. For better understanding, you can compare it with a rope. When a rope breaks in the middle or torn apart, the ends of the rope cannot be brought together to make these like before. It is due to the reason that the knee is that part of the body that keeps moving and is always in use. So chances of it getting perfect on its own are very bleak. Also if the ACL issue is not that grave and the sports activity doesn’t require massive movements or twisting of the knee, then there is a fair chance that you can return to your play without undergoing any surgery.

is ACL Surgery the only treatment for ACL Tear?

In the ACL replacement, the torn ligament is completely replaced with the help of a graft. The procedure is done to provide the required support and stability to the knee joint. Also for such sportsman who has had torn knee, this is the recommended treatment for quick fixing of ACL torn.

The article highlights key areas and basic knowledge of the ACL for quick understanding. You need to seek professional orthopaedic advice on torn ACL for treatment so further injury can be avoided.

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