What Happens When you Let Science Take Over to Give You a New Lease of Life

If you are someone who misses having baby soft skin, you are in the group of hundreds of thousands of people. The issue is that climatic conditions and pollutants are to blame for the harassed looking skin. There is a solution that science has brought to the fore with oxygen facials that revives the tone of the skin with a little bit of love.
Because of this many people would visit an aesthetic clinic in Singapore in order to seek advice and treatment, it is also important to educate ourselves on the type of skin problems that we will face in todays climate
as well as the available treatments out there.

Dry Skin
The moisturizer has always been the soul mate for women and men alike suffering from bouts of dryness and excessively dry skin tones. The moisturizing process used with the oxygen facial ensures that the pH level of the skin is refurbished to give it a glow. The advantage here is that it is not invasive and it acts as a deterrent against sun damage for the future.

Freedom from Radicals
Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, spots on the face due to aging lightens up with oxygen therapy. Most people over time end up with the effects of free radicals that take root on the skin. Collagen deteriorates as we get older. The treatment process revs up the skin, firms and tightens it without resorting to injection jabs. Anyone opting for this formula will be pleased to know that a youthful appearance is on the cards almost immediately.

Blood Circulation
Tired looking skin due to myriad factors removes the radiance on the face. In fact, the natural blush that everyone is prone to eventually disappears because of pollutants. An ideal way to revive the skin is to eliminate dead cells with a fresh burst of nature’s goodness in the form of oxygen. As the professional works on the epidermis of the face, there is an increase in blood circulation. The results are visible immediately after the first facial.

Pimpled and Acne Riddled Skin
Most people fight shy of opting for facials if they have troubled skin with acne or pimples. Luckily, the oxygen facial in Singapore removes the debris from the skin and eliminates the toxins that arise due to environmental and stressful factors. The idea is to bring back the glory to the face and turn back the clock so that youthful freshness is on the cards. Over time the spots, acne, and pimples are removed leaving the skin free of sludge.

Pigmented Skin
Many parts of the body, primarily the neck and the face feel the effects of pollutants resulting in dark tones on the skin. Pigmentation occurs due to hormonal problems but many a time it is because of a lack of awareness of keeping the area clean. The oxy facial helps remove the dullness on the skin and acts as a preventive against sun damage. Collagen formation is also a part of the ‘deal’ with the facial, which treats damaged areas.

Cell Revival
Skin that requires an overhaul needs the expert touch with the oxygen facial. As the natural gas is released on the epidermis of the skin, the dead and dry cells are removed. The regeneration of cells takes place resulting in limited peeling and cracking of the skin ensuring an even tone throughout.

An Insight
Science has brought multiple solutions for people who are looking for a fix to deal with problematic skin. The advantage with the oxygen facial is that it gives you an immediate glow to the skin. An additional benefit is that people with troubled skin, aged skin, acne-riddled skin, dry, oily, combination skin benefit a great deal. Since it has been proven, the world over, the treatment helps give you a new lease on life instead of going under the knife or opting for a Botox jab.

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