How to design your wall garden

A garden adds to the refreshing look of the house. Sitting in the garden for the morning or evening tea, adds a refreshing touch to the beginning or the end of the day. Earlier when there was no dearth of space, huge bungalows had lush green gardens in the front yard. In earlier times, gardening was a common hobby. As most people had gardens, hence gardening was one of the most favourite pass times. But times have changed now. With the skyscrapers replacing the plush bungalows, there is no space for gardens. Some skyscrapers have terrace gardens. Even houses nowadays dont have any space for gardens. Hence a solution had to be found out. The best solution that architects came up with was wall gardens or vertical gardens. Vertical gardens used a vertical space to grow vegetables and herbs and even flowers. Vertical gardens are easy to maintain and take up less space.

Wall gardens have their own limitations:

Firstly you cannot build them too high as it would be difficult to maintain them.

If have to have a wall that gets enough sunlight.

The support system for the flower pots must be strong enough to support the weight.

The wall that will support the garden must be thick enough to withstand a lot of moisture. You can use a polythene to cover the wall.

But all said and done, vertical garden is one of the most flexible gardening techniques. To know more about them you can always apply now or RSVP now to various online sites that has a lot of material on wall gardens.

Types of wall gardens:

Just imagine viewing a green wall from the your window with a frosted window film ! It shall be great sight. Here are some ideas about wall gardens:

Bottle garden: you can recycle unused or old bottles to plant some herbs and plants and hang them from strings.

Gutter garden: old gutter sections can be used as gardening space. But you have to ensure that there is enough space between the gutter sections for the plants to get enough sunlight.

Tray herb garden: you can use large trays to grow some herbs. Even you can buy special trays to plant these herbs.

Hardware cloth frame: use your hardware cloth and a frame to create a very sturdy trellis for growing tomatoes and other plants.

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