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Interior designs are a very important part of the dcor of any kind of space, office or home. A good interior design not only adds to the overall look and feel but also reflects the taste of the owners. Be it an office or a house, the significance of a good home dcor cannot be undermined. Therefore, any planning for a house / office starts and ends with good interior designing.

Any establishment, big or small want to go for the best available trending home designing styles with the most modern techniques, depending upon their budgets. There are a couple of companies too that provide very good options. Softhome is one such company which brings together a host of brands under one roof, each catering to a particular aspect of soft furnishing. Acacia Fine Fabrics caters to curtains and upholstery providing high quality and aesthetically appealing designs to the clients.

Mottura is a premium brand that caters to requirements of blinds to various sectors; so is Toso which is a premium Japanese furnishing brand providing modern furnishing solutions especially with respect to blinds. Roller blinds Singapore are hot favorites among houses and offices alike these days both for providing protection against sun rays and weather conditions as well as to add to the style factor. They are available in over 150 designs and patterns suiting ones requirements. They are also available in perforated fabric design that have the unique capacity of being able to control light better. They come in full black roller blinds systems or motorized roller blinds with sheer curtain systems as variants to choose from.

Somfy is another brand which provides solutions for motorized curtains singapore tracks and blinds. They have a unique bendable feature that helps in enhanced movements. Built in Japan, they come with heavy duty rollers. Moreover, to fit into curve architectures, curve tracks are available too.

The inventor of window films, 3M is a brand that provides high quality window films with a good 15 years warranty; giving an insight into the companys promise that it will stay around for long. The Prestige series is the only windows film solution provider with the patented multi-layer optical film technology (MOF). The final result is a superior looking window glass with 70% visibility in terms of light and reflectivity lower than glass. Besides giving protection, they also save on energy costs and add to the look of your building.

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