Different types of wallpaper for your house


Wallpapers are the new trending option that many residents use, while buying or renting a house. Currently, people are looking for options to get creative and convert the houses into a warm and cosy home. Wallpapers are the cheapest option to painting the four corners of your house. In addition, you always have the option of replacing them, without a long-drawn process, which takes place when your houses needs to be repainted. Alternatively, you can keep changing the wallpapers every six months with the latest trending designs. You will keep revamping your house every year, to make it look classy and trendy. If you want to decorate your house with wallpaper Singapore , then keep the following factors into mind.

Classic wallpapers

These are the cheapest but the most colourful option if you are tight on the budget. Made of cellulose, classic wallpapers are available in single or double layers. In addition, the classic wallpaper does not make you feel claustrophobic, as they let the walls breathe. Ideally, classic wallpapers are for the nursery or your childrens bedroom. It is best not to put them on the balcony walls are they fade under sunlight.

Lining wallpaper

The best feature about the lining wallpaper is that it evens out the surface of the wall. If there are cracks or moisture damage on the wall, lining paper comes handy in sealing them as well as evening the surface. In many cases, if you have used a very dark wallpaper, and are unable to peel it off the wall, then using a lining paper will lighten the effect of the colour. If you place another wallpaper on top of it, the effect of the wallpaper will not be diminished as the lining wallpaper is blocking it.

Embossed wallpaper

If you do not want to go for either bright or plain colours, the best option is embossed wallpapers. It is a little expensive but it will not pinch your pocket. It is best to choose muted colours for embossed wallpapers as they have natural elegance. Light brown, beige, taupe or light pastel colours will look aesthetic in your dining room or hall. Embossed wallpapers come in multiple designs such as cross, lining, bricks and so on. Just remember to use a strong adhesive as it takes time to plaster the wall with embossed wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl are an all-time favourite for those who cannot afford to splurge on wallpapers. Interestingly, vinyl wallpaper has extreme effects on people love or hate. It could be because vinyl wallpaper does not look natural and comes in as many glossy colours & designs as possible. However, vinyl has a plastic coating, is very durable, can handle wear and tear and is resistant to light. But, remember, your walls will not get space to breathe which could make them toxic and brittle from inside over a period of time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep alternating between vinyl and classic wallpaper periodically.

Fibreglass wallpaper

For those who want to spend on a classy wallpaper, the fibreglass wallpaper is your answer. Made of glass fibres, this wallpaper is strategically interlaced and combined to become a strong material. The biggest advantage of fibreglass wallpaper is that it is flame resistant, as it stops the flames from spreading quickly. In addition, it is also water resistant, as the fibreglass prevents any dampness to seep through the material and become obvious. The other ingredients to this mix are natural materials such as lime, quartz and dolomite. As a result, fibreglass double-up as mild insulators and prevent the growth the moulds.

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