Feature Wall Yay or Nay

Feature Wall: Yay or Nay?

There is one absolute in this life: we all want our homes to feel like home. With that being said, our home should look like how we please it to be including our feature wall; but what exactly is a feature, or also known as accent wall? Feature wall is one of the four corners of the room that looks bolder than, and sometimes contrasting against the rest of the walls. As a little complicated as it sounds, there is a debate inside of us whether to have a feature wall or not and where is the right spot to have it. After all, why not just paint it with a uniform color? It is certainly much safer to one have one color for a room. However, accent wall is what gives our home, well, an accent; a distinction.

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If we were to ask the interior designers on their stand in this clash, an article from Sherwin-Williams will share us their answer.

Living Style: Why Should One Wall Have All The Color?

In today’s economic climate, homeowners are increasingly looking for affordable solutions to their design dilemmas. Armed with the belief that painting remains the most cost-effective way to transform a space, many people choose to paint with the assurance that color fixes a multitude of sins. Read more here

Another thing that keeps us from doing a feature wall is that, it is a thing of the past. We now live in the era of monochromatic theme and minimalism and adding such bold color and details will be a bit off. Not to mention that some designs can be disturbing to the eyes when they are not placed properly. Surely, the elders would love prints and patterns because that’s how they lived off their youths in the 50’s to 80’s but if you are someone who grew up in the new millennium, black, white and pastel is most probably your go-to color. There are people who firmly believe on the beauty that feature wall gives and there are people who says “No, thanks” to this, while there is you and me who are torn between these two. In this case, seeking professional advice can give us an overview of how it’s going to turn out.

 In the next piece of writing we have from Walls by Design—Interior & Cabinet Painting Contractor Denver, one designer will share us his experience with clients regarding feature or accent wall.

Can I still paint accent walls?

Almost everyone I talk to lately keeps asking me weather accent walls are out of fashion.  I would say, YES and NO.  They have always been out of fashion as they are typically done.  Most people do not know how to choose a wall to be painted. A lot of people just think they want to add color, and just start picking walls, without any real thought. Read full story here

There is a place for everything, and definitely, there is that one wall in our house we can use as our feature wall. The downside of people deciding on this matter on their own is that, picking a wrong wall is a disaster. Always take it from its name—feature wall. It is what we want to highlight among the other elements in our house and something that will impress the guests as soon as they take a look inside our homes. Then again, it is not all about showing off, feature wall can also be used to bedrooms and offices and can give us a just a bit of satisfaction in our solo moments.

In the last article, Emily A. Clark will tell us when a feature wall actually works.


There seems to be a lot of differing opinions when it comes to painting accent walls.  I’ve seen them where they don’t work at all.  Either the paint was too loud, or there was no real rhyme or reason why a particular wall was painted a contrasting color. See examples here

Generally, feature wall is still a thing today. It’s just that, not all people have an eye in spotting the right wall to add up the hype. There are aspects of a wall to be considered like the angle, geometrical shape, and the wall the next to it. The contrasting color should harmonize with the ambiance of a room to call it a good accent wall. Typically, it is known to be the highlighted corner but what we don’t realize is that, it gives balance. Having a uniform color to all of the walls is nice and safe but adding a little difference won’t hurt.

The best way to have a good feature wall is to consult an interior designer. Homeowners have the right to design their homes as they please but getting a professional advice and adding a more creative mind to the team will give us a more pleasurable outcome. Moreover, feature wall doesn’t always scream how good and artistic the person who lives there is. Sometimes it is a source of positive and lively energy for everyone in the household. If you are a starter, don’t be afraid to try something new like a feature wall, it might be your next big asset.

Know More About Different External Wall Cladding Types

The outer layer of the external walls installed to protect from weather wear is known as cladding. These installations are non-load bearing. External cladding adds to the overall appeal of the house and influences the value of the property. There are many choices for cladding materials available. The material chosen will alter the environmental performance of the building.

Cladding – The role it plays

Wall cladding in Singapore has a significant impact on the infiltration of weather damages to homes. Cladding systems protect homes from the weakening caused by the egress of water vapor. The external facade of the house is protected and its durability is enhanced. Apart from its primary role of protection, cladding affects thermal and sound insulation, offers resistance against fire and helps in maintaining a clean external appearance (easy to clean).

How to choose the right cladding material

Wall cladding in Singapore explains that the choice of material plays a significant role in the durability of external walls. Choosing the right material must be the result of a thorough assessment. The elevation of the external surfaces also plays a key role in making this choice. In general, the west walls are clad in steel and the south and north by protective weatherboards.

Types of cladding materials

Stone cladding: The most obvious choice for home cladding is stone. Stone is a natural element with commendable insulating properties. The cladding system can be a mix of natural and simulated stone. These homes look elegant with an accentuated earthiness.

Timber: After stone, wood facades are a popular choice. Timbers for external cladding are available as panels, boards or shingles. These tend to make homes look warm and inviting.

Weather board cladding: These boards are made from timber or reconstituted wood. They can be painted to a color of your choice. Weatherboard cladding can fit onto any surface, brick or cement. In order to enjoy the insulating benefits of weatherboard cladding, regular maintenance is mandatory.

Brick cladding: You can turn the external walls into a style statement by opting for brick cladding. External bricks are available in an array of colors and textures. You can get creative and mix up different patterns. Brick cladding is affordable, durable light weight and easy to install.

Other cladding options include fiber cement, vinyl and metal cladding. Depending on your needs, only an expert can identify the right choice for your home.